April 2008

I’ve posted that I ordered 3D Arsenal content and received the full 3D Arsenal including a version 7.5 of Lightwave to go with my own version 8, and that I emailed the company in question about it. Today I got a reply and good on them they said that it was their mistake and that I wouldn’t incur any charges, even though I paid for the content only but received the full package.

Not many companies in today’s money grabbing world take that attitude I can tell you.

That is one company that is assured repeat business from me.

In case you’re wondering it’s onevideo based in Bucks in England and they sell hardware as well as software.


It’s a lovely sunny day here in Sconnie Botland. Nice and warm too. The bad news is this means I’ll have to cut the grass, as these things are usually sandwiched between rain sleet snow and high winds. I’m putting it off for as long as I can but I know it has to be done.

Worked on Touch of Death a little over the weekend, not much done but the intro is now down to around 40 seconds.  I’ll be looking to amend the lighting before rendering it out.

This program, hypershot, looks great and works a treat. The web edition looks affordable but unfortunately it’s okay for NTSC but can’t do PAL; to do PAL I would have to buy the HD edition which is almost a grand in US Dollars. I plan to post on their forum about this. Unforunately I wont be able to buy it just yet as my credit card has taken a real kicking this month – and I’ve still my road tax to pay before the end of the month.

I’ve got a demo of the program and it is very simple to use. It uses HDRI lighting which makes renders a lot better. Lightwave has it but I’ve never tried to use this feature in Lightwave.

Maybe I should wait; Hypershot is the first rendering program to use HDRI and maybe within a year or so more will become available, faster and cheaper. But in the meantime I have about thirteen days of the fifteen day trial left.

I’ve got New Scientist on my favourites. I’ve also been buying the magazine for more years than I care to remember. One of it’s stories when I browsed over is the anniversary of spam.

Thankfully I don’t get too much spam the inbox of the various emails I have but this domain has been hijacked by spammers on a few occasions. Every now and then a glut of ‘returned’ emails comes in to shadowdevil dot com saying they couldn’t deliver to such and such an address.

According to compila, with whom I have a hosting package, nothing can be done about this. But it is pretty crap that someone can send an email with my domain name as a return address. The ones that don’t get through get bounced back to me – increasing my bandwidth – and the ones that do get through make someone swear at shadowdevil dot com for sending them spam.

So I fire up 3D Arsenal and browse its contents, select a logo, make my changes and adjustments and let it render overnight at PAL resolution. Come Sunday Morning it’s not even half way through. And there’s a shadow over some of the text which means it has to be stopped, the logo adjusted and rendering started from the beginning again.

I’m not too surprised it’s taking so long because there are a lot of reflections in the logo I chose . Each frame is taking at least three minute render, going through ten passes.  It looks cool rendered and it might the one I use o put at the beginning of Antics films I make.

Fuh’n unions fuh’n management fuh’n strikes fuh’n government fuh’n Gordon Broon (he’s my fuh’n MP). For those of you who don’t know (or care) there is a strike at Grangemouth refinery here in Scotland this weekend.

For some reason not known to mankind this refinery is the only one that serves Scotland, so shutting this down means no fuel in Scotland and it has to be shipped up from England.

There has been panic buying all week (I did my panic buying early and am sitting with a half full tank after the week’s exertions). Of course everyone has been telling drivers not to panic buy and, of course, people that we, that advice has been ignored to the full.

The main problem is that the refinery has been shut down; this took a week. After the strike it will be started up again and they say this will take a week too. Production will be hampered into May. Prices have already gone up, with prices up to £1.33 for a litre (yes America, a litre, not a gallon) and garages accused of profiteering. Some garages are rationing purchases to £20.

Next week it is going to get worse.

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