I have Lightwave and a product that has been knocking around for a while now is 3D Arsenal Content Theatre – to give it it’s Sunday name – and I came across a supplier who was selling the content only at a reasonable price.  I ordered it and a few days later it arrived.  Much to my surprise I found out (a little later in the day) that I was sent the full product. I have contacted them about it and look forward to what they say. The invoices they sent with the box give the full product at the price I paid.  So I now have two copies of Lightwave, the one I already own – version 8 –  and version 7.5c which comes with 3D Arsenal.

I don’t have any problem with it but, as it’s a previous version, a lot of the keyboard shortcuts are different. I have got into the habit of pressing F5 for the surface editor, whereas in 7.5 it is F3. A few other keyboard shortcuts have brought up errors but overall its the same in both versions.  Having said that Arsenal is all about changing content for your own needs, so I shouldn’t be using Lightwave too much while using 3D Arsenal.