Fuh’n unions fuh’n management fuh’n strikes fuh’n government fuh’n Gordon Broon (he’s my fuh’n MP). For those of you who don’t know (or care) there is a strike at Grangemouth refinery here in Scotland this weekend.

For some reason not known to mankind this refinery is the only one that serves Scotland, so shutting this down means no fuel in Scotland and it has to be shipped up from England.

There has been panic buying all week (I did my panic buying early and am sitting with a half full tank after the week’s exertions). Of course everyone has been telling drivers not to panic buy and, of course, people that we, that advice has been ignored to the full.

The main problem is that the refinery has been shut down; this took a week. After the strike it will be started up again and they say this will take a week too. Production will be hampered into May. Prices have already gone up, with prices up to £1.33 for a litre (yes America, a litre, not a gallon) and garages accused of profiteering. Some garages are rationing purchases to £20.

Next week it is going to get worse.