This program, hypershot, looks great and works a treat. The web edition looks affordable but unfortunately it’s okay for NTSC but can’t do PAL; to do PAL I would have to buy the HD edition which is almost a grand in US Dollars. I plan to post on their forum about this. Unforunately I wont be able to buy it just yet as my credit card has taken a real kicking this month – and I’ve still my road tax to pay before the end of the month.

I’ve got a demo of the program and it is very simple to use. It uses HDRI lighting which makes renders a lot better. Lightwave has it but I’ve never tried to use this feature in Lightwave.

Maybe I should wait; Hypershot is the first rendering program to use HDRI and maybe within a year or so more will become available, faster and cheaper. But in the meantime I have about thirteen days of the fifteen day trial left.