The website (Sophocles dot net) is completely off line now, with Firefox responding with a ‘server not found.’ I think the company has probably folded completly and just turned off the website.

I just hope nothing happens to my computers on which I have Sophocles installed as the software requires a key to work fully, and it’s hardware based. This means that it is a different key for different computers.

The thing was the company was quite good about keys and you could request a few (six or seven I think) if you had to reinstall the software. It’s a pity I didn’t just install it on as many computers as I could and ask them for additional keys – of course, I wasn’t expecting them to disappear from the internet.

They were doing a beta for a new version of the software, much improved with extra features, and were plugging the new upcoming release, free upgrades for registered users and special promotion price for new users.

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