In the UK the average price of a house is over £100,000, in some places spectacularly over £100,000. A couple of papers are covering the story about Argos (a high street retailer here in the UK where you can buy almost anything) and their new offer of the flat pack home which you buy and assemble yourself (hilariously, I thought, with the added cost of £4.95 delivery).

Here’s one link (it may change over time) at the daily mail.

The actual link (split over two lines) as the one above doesn’t seem to work:

The story is simple. Argos are selling a five bedroom log cabin with underfloor heating and loft space for £13,000. The makers say it could take a couple of days to put up and would require two people for some elements.

It sounds like a good idea and may be just what some people require. They are, of course, forgetting that a lot of people have problems with the simplest of flat packs, and invariably have bits left over. I’d hate to see someone assemble a flat pack house and then turn around to find some things such as windows and floorboards they haven’t used, but it always happens with flat packs doesn’t it?