I’ve not been doing much lately. Work eat sleep. I did play around with Skethup for a while this week and found some cool new features I wasn’t aware of. I recently bought a copy of Microsoft Word 97 for seventeen pounds through Amazon and to my surprise it came with Microsoft Works Suite 99. Both my laptops came with Works installed but the copy from Amazon (actually it was some university that was selling it, can’t remember which offhand) also had Autoroute.

I slapped this one gigabyte beastie on a windows 98 virtual machine I have on the laptop (I wasted about fifteen minutes installing it on Vista on the laptop only to discover that it couldn’t load the ELUA and so wouldn’t run) and started playing around with it.

Which brings me eventually to Sketchup.

I saved a jpeg picture of a map and brought it into Sketchup, creating roads and paths from it.  It was there I discovered I could split the lines in Sketchup and move things around, rotate and stretch the roads out.  With proper planning I could  create a  road system on a map from one square in Sketchup.  I didn’t save anything as the more I fiddled with the the bigger mess it came. But it was good doing something new.