With my main computer coughing and spluttering into a grave I look into a replacement. Price is high on the list but so is performance. Equally important is specification.

I built the previous computer myself, sourcing parts. It was very high spec for the time; 1GB of ram, 2.4 Ghz Intel processor, 256MB graphics card, big hard disk.

So now (actually a couple of months ago) I look for a replacement. And to be honest I wasn’t getting anything that was better than what I had for any reasonable price.

I was despairing of getting a replacement.

I can’t remember what I was browsing on Amazon but suddenly before me there was a Laptop for £399. Not only was it at that price but it had an NVIDIA graphcis card, 2 gig of memory 160gb hard drive 802 wireless and webcam. It had Vista but no one’s perfect.

I thought to myself Do I really need a new desktop computer? I had been searching for a replacement but didn’t think that I could get a laptop to replace a desktop. One reason was that I already had a laptop; same price, bought about a year earlier, 80gb hard disk 512Mb ram, no graphics card (worth speaking about).

But in the end it made sense. The laptop is more powerful than the desktop, runs Antics well, has a reasonable hard drive, is portable and takes up a lot less room than a desktop. (And let’s be honest, laptops are cooler. Hi there! let me impress you by getting my laptop out!)

So I now have two laptops and a semi working desktop (plus another desktop that has Windows 98 on it and various stuff, but that never gets switched on either as I have discovered MS Virtual PC. A Ghosting of the 98 machine and that ‘computer’ is now available on to run my laptop). I think the laptop was the better choice.