June 2008

Little hard drives that plug into computers. I love them. I seem to have collected a fair few bunch of them too. I had a four gigabyte u3 one which got broken and an ancient two hundred and fifty six megabyte one which just stopped working. But I have collected them over the past couple of years and my latest is an eight gigabyte Sandisk Cruzer.

The main reason I acquire them is the capacity keeps going up and the price keeps going down. Having that amount of capacity that is portable is one of the best things about them. The eight gigabyte disk cost me less than the four gigabyte disk. So I’m guessing I’ll be buying a sixteen gigabyte disk this time next year when it’s less than the price I paid for the eight gigabyte one.

I also have a handful of one gigabyte disks. I bought these for about a fiver each. Now I use them as extra backups; sticking software I’ve bought or downloaded on them as extra backups for my five hundred gigabyte external USB drive – which, incidentally is starting to fill up. I have no idea where all this stuff comes from that fills up my drives. Maybe there are pixies putting fake data on them when I’m not looking.


I’m on holiday next week and I’ve set aside one day to work on Touch of Death. With any luck this should give me enough time to get a good chunk of it done.

Labour MP Tom Harris has been in the news this week about his comments (made on a blog I think) telling Britons to cheer up as we’ve never had it so good. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s immediate response has been ‘What effn planet is that bitch on?’

He’s a member of he Labour party and supposed to be on the side of and in touch with the working man, but he walks like a tory and talks like a tory, so …

I read in one of today’s papers a feature on his statements and it gives his Parliamentary income; ninety two grand a year and one hundred and fifty thousand expense. And, of course, being a scumbag MP, he’s feeding his family money too, in this case his wife, who ‘works’ for him. Speaking as someone who is experiencing the credit crunch and not liking the effects it has on my lifestyle the phrase ‘hanging’s too good for him,’ springs to mind.

I joined Bebo a couple of days ago. My cousin sent me an invite for Fun Nation.com and I signed up for that. I met her in the local shop earlier today and she told me that she prefers Bebo. I can see the attraction, as it’s better than the others I tried, but like all the other social networking sites the design is similar to those web pages you used to see that were only there trying to sell you something: it involved only one page and went on and on and on. Someone should take a look at the design of such sites as they do look pretty ungainly. Bebo has application making tools (in Java and Ruby) and maybe I’ll have a look at them.  I’ll definitely make some skins, as that looks as easy as falling off a log.

It seems that the crashing Lightwave does is a well known problem.  I have upgraded to version 9, with free LWCAD, and when I try to add plugins in modeler Lightwave goes in the huff. It turns out that it has been an ongoing problem and the culprit is LWCAD. Well, if that’s what I have to suffer to use the excellent LWCAD then I suppose that’s what I’ll have to suffer. I hope they fix it for 9.5. But, seeing as, according to the forums, it’s been happening for a few years, I don’t expect they’ll get round to it.

The result came through last night and I heard it on the radio that Ireland had said no. I don’t really give too hoots about politicians or politics normally. The scum aren’t worthy of a quick death. I’m glad Ireland had a referendum and I’m glad they voted no. Europe is a good idea but bad practice. And the proposals are, whether it would be admitted to or not, more nails in the coffin of democracy.

Anyone who says we (Britain) are on the slippery slope to a vast Euro State are wrong – we are already there. The EU have vast powers over the countries of the union, are not accountable to the people of Europe and are looking to grab more and more all the time while excluding any accountability.

Another strike, another shortage of petrol. Our just in time system here in Britain really falls down when someone sticks their foot out and trips it up. It’s drivers that are striking for more pay now, and the front pages of the papers (those that ignore Big brother) are again screaming that the shortages will bring the country down. To be frank I wouldn’t mind if the county came down. It needs rebuilding. The last week in the papers has been nothing but politicians sticking their hands in the public pocket for their own gain and the referendum in Ireland about the latest EU power land grab. Where ever you turn it seems everything is broken.

I haven’t noticed any shortages of petrol around Fife, mainly because the petrol price increases mean I’m more careful about how much I fill up and how much I drive. That was a point in one of the papers this week; that the price rises have done what the greens couldn’t do and limit driving.

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