It seems that the Ghost backup of my hard drive is corrupt. It’s not taking backhanders or anything, just the opposite: some packets are missing. That’s the info from the web after I tried to Ghost back a backup I have made of my failing computer to a Virtual PC on my laptop.

Ghost has always been a reliable product but that’s two in a row now where it has failed completely and utterly.  On the same computer too. Ghost will mount the backup and I can see the files there. I can access most of them. But I can’t restore.  It seems it’s just a sixteen gigabyte worth of files on my USB disk. The main reason for trying was to see if I could use Sophocles on the virtual PC.  Once it was restored the plan was to uninstall Antics, Lightwave and a bunch of other stuff to bring the ‘hard disk’ down to a reasonable size as it’s sitting at about 30 – 40 gigabyte (Where did I get all the crap to fill that amount of space?). But it looks like it’s not to be.