Just got my upgrade to Lightwave 9.3 and I am looking forward to playing with it over the weekend.  I didn’t really need an upgrade but I got it for a couple of reasons. It’s a great program; there’s a virtual set generator which works only with 9.3 and above, I got a special upgrade which includes LWCAD; it’s a great program. Plus I read somewhere that Newtek might not be giving away point releases for free in the future, so this way, if they do drop that feature, I should stay relatively up to date with releases up to V 10. I registered it and downloaded bonus content plus some other goodies, including the set generator.

The other good thing is that it put itself in a new directory and didn’t overwrite my version 8, which is a good thing as I have that edition customised with T4D tools, 3D Arsenal and a bunch of other plugins. It’s going to take an hour or so to get Lightwave 9 set up how I like then playtime baby! The only downside is that Lightbitch doesn’t work with 9.3, or Vista.  Lightbitch is a free lighting rig generator.