I’ve had the upgrade for Lightwave 9 for about a week now and have been getting five minutes here and ten minutes there working with it.

Part of the upgrade was a free download of LWCAD, which I duly downloaded and registered and activated.

My first question is How do people use Lightwave without LWCAD? It is simply stunning.  Even the basics can produces buildings in minutes. I am very impressed with this program.

I don’t know if I installed it properly but I had to make all the menu options myself.  According to the documentation the self install program for Lightwave 9 does everything but I ran it and there were no options on my Lightwave menu; so I did it myself. Lightwave has a cool option where you can create groups and sub groups of commands. Most 3D programs have them i think, plus some other programs. It is similar to the customise tool bar option you can find in programs like MS Word.

But even just messing about with LWCAD and doing things randomly it is amazing what can be done with this program: add in what Lightwave itself can do and the possibilities are endless.

There are some problems with Modeler, in that it stops working when I try to add or edit plugins. Layout doesn’t do this so I guess I’m going to have to rummage through the Lightwave forums to see if this is common. I suspect it is more likely Vista’s fault as I have had Lightwave for a few years now and it has never caused problems before.