Another strike, another shortage of petrol. Our just in time system here in Britain really falls down when someone sticks their foot out and trips it up. It’s drivers that are striking for more pay now, and the front pages of the papers (those that ignore Big brother) are again screaming that the shortages will bring the country down. To be frank I wouldn’t mind if the county came down. It needs rebuilding. The last week in the papers has been nothing but politicians sticking their hands in the public pocket for their own gain and the referendum in Ireland about the latest EU power land grab. Where ever you turn it seems everything is broken.

I haven’t noticed any shortages of petrol around Fife, mainly because the petrol price increases mean I’m more careful about how much I fill up and how much I drive. That was a point in one of the papers this week; that the price rises have done what the greens couldn’t do and limit driving.