Labour MP Tom Harris has been in the news this week about his comments (made on a blog I think) telling Britons to cheer up as we’ve never had it so good. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s immediate response has been ‘What effn planet is that bitch on?’

He’s a member of he Labour party and supposed to be on the side of and in touch with the working man, but he walks like a tory and talks like a tory, so …

I read in one of today’s papers a feature on his statements and it gives his Parliamentary income; ninety two grand a year and one hundred and fifty thousand expense. And, of course, being a scumbag MP, he’s feeding his family money too, in this case his wife, who ‘works’ for him. Speaking as someone who is experiencing the credit crunch and not liking the effects it has on my lifestyle the phrase ‘hanging’s too good for him,’ springs to mind.