Little hard drives that plug into computers. I love them. I seem to have collected a fair few bunch of them too. I had a four gigabyte u3 one which got broken and an ancient two hundred and fifty six megabyte one which just stopped working. But I have collected them over the past couple of years and my latest is an eight gigabyte Sandisk Cruzer.

The main reason I acquire them is the capacity keeps going up and the price keeps going down. Having that amount of capacity that is portable is one of the best things about them. The eight gigabyte disk cost me less than the four gigabyte disk. So I’m guessing I’ll be buying a sixteen gigabyte disk this time next year when it’s less than the price I paid for the eight gigabyte one.

I also have a handful of one gigabyte disks. I bought these for about a fiver each. Now I use them as extra backups; sticking software I’ve bought or downloaded on them as extra backups for my five hundred gigabyte external USB drive – which, incidentally is starting to fill up. I have no idea where all this stuff comes from that fills up my drives. Maybe there are pixies putting fake data on them when I’m not looking.