This week British Gas announced an increase of 35% for gas prices – and the very next day announced half yearly profits of nearly a billion pounds. How can they get away with such huge increases? The answer of course is a weak willed Labour government, more than happy to watch the working class suffer.

Spain has a limit that Gas and Electric companies can hike prices to; I think it’s something like five percent. But in rip off Britain massive increases such as those announced this week are accepted after some grumbling. Of course the other suppliers will follow suit shortly. There is no competitive market in the UK – the MPs themselves said so – and further ripping off of the UK consumer is on the cards. All this coming fro a country that has its’ own reserves. God knows what the prices would be if Britain were wholly dependent on imported Gas.

As usual those in charge of the companies defend to the hilt their price increases, and their own overpaid selves, saying it is needed. What is needed is the government to protect people from such price rises. Glib remarks about possible wind fall taxes are all they spurt out now and again. But a windfall tax is a one off thing. They should be trying to ensure they protect the people all the time. Of course we are talking about Labour here; the tax the poor party and ensure the rich are happy party; the sod the voter party. It looks like bleak times ahead for consumers in the UK.