The Nautica 05 theme is great. But I felt that I needed some more flexibility about what is presented to the browser of the site.

I couldn’t do that without hacking the php code, and that’s not the top priority I have. I hacked the theme to make it look presentable but it lacked the ability to show previous posts and it didn’t have the widgets ability that a lot of WordPress themes have.

It was only browsing across the web that I came across the site I am now using. I was looking for quick ways to change themes, particularly adding comments to the sidebar.  Via some links I came across the xMark theme by Lisa Sabin-Wilson – the author of the WordPress for Dummies book.

I downloaded it and played around with it and it seemed to offer all I wanted in a theme; in particular the widget capability of the sidebar, which brings drag and drop functionality to added widgets.

A quick mess around in Photoshop later and the header picture contained a pic of Shadow Devil.

The site looks a lot better, so much so that I’m thinking of adding pages and moving the whole thing to the root directory.