Cool. I got the 9.5 update to Lightwave and it no longer gives an error when closing the program. This was (according to the Lightwave Forums) due to LWCAD and a long standing issue. Modeller now exits politely and Vista doesn’t say the program has stopped responding and it’s gathering data, wont be a few minutes but seems to take forever.

I don’t know if I’m the only one pissed off with that feature in Vista. It is very annoying. When Vista closes a program I expect it to close the program, look for reasons why it closed on your own time. Don’t stick a dialogue in the middle of my screen and expect me to leave it alone.

Aside from that there seems to be mainly under the hood improvements in Lightwave. it is after all going from version 9.3 to 9.5. in thery they should be happy with this version and so should the users until Newtek bring out version 10 and a whole new bunch of bugs. Only joking. All in all it looks good. The read me file consisted of a great long list of ‘fixed bug…’ so there has been a lot of work put into this upgrade. The final free one before they ask customers to shell out again.

There is supposed to be some pdf files installed in the documentation but the link is invalid. I’ve checked the Lightwave Forums and other people have encountered it too. It’s a pdf file for FiberFX, which is a new hair and fur system in 9.5.  There’s also a new lighting system in Lightwave and I hope to have time to check that out over the weekend.