I’ve been buying quite a lot of books from Amazon recently, and it made me tidy up my book collection a little. Reorganising them brought and seeing all those old titles took me back to first buying them, and I even took a few to re read.

Gollancz in particular have changed quite a bit. In the seventies and eighties I thought it was the pinnacle of science fiction publishing in the UK; they had the best authors. Their hard back books stood out with the plain yellow jackets giving only author name and title. I dragged down a bunch of Bob Shaw hardbacks (I’m convincined I bought the hardback edition of Terminal Velocity but search as much as a I could I couldn’t find it) and revelled in the look and feel and smell of the books.

I reread Orbitsvllle Departure within a couple of days and plan to re read Fire Pattern next week. Fire Pattern was the first hard back book of his that I bought. I’ve a fair few paperbacks by Bob Shaw too; the first book of his I bought was the short story collection A Better Mantrap. I remember buying it at the Science Fiction Bookshop in Edinburgh. In those days there was a bookshop in Dunfermline, but it didn’t stock too much science fiction – any it did was mostly paperback only. The Science Fiction Bookshop in Edinburgh was a treasure trove of all things Science Fiction. It was a couple of miles from the city centre but the walk was worth it. They had all sorts from the latest hardbacks and paperbacks to American imports. This was all before the ending of the net book agreement, the internet and Amazon.