The new laptop is around six months old and already showing wear and tear. The power socket lights up when the power is plugged in and because of the setting it is on the screen becomes brighter. Now, randomly, the socket loses its connection when plugged in. Even the slightest nudge will turn break the connection and thus stopping power, making the laptop screen do dull. It’s getting quite annoying as it is still a new computer, and shouldn’t be showing such symptoms of wear and tear after less than six months.

As it’s concerning the power supply it needs to get sorted. The last thing I need is a computer without an electricity supply; not forgetting that if there is no power supply it can’t charge its own battery. I’ve contacted HP support on this and await a reply. But I will err on the extreme side and assume they will take the easiest solution to the problem; which would be return for repair.

That brings me to my data. I have usb u3 disk and as I keep a lot of data on that there is very little data on the computer itself. I also have a 500gb external hard drive which I use for specifically for backups.

So the computer basically has programs only. But I have three programs on the computer which require internet activation and I’m in two minds about deactivating them in case I have to send the computer back and it doesn’t get returned in the state I send it. It’s pretty likely that they will want me to send it off to get it fixed. I’ll take some time this week to go over the computer and ensure there is no data on there that isnt backed up. It is only the power suply that is not working properly but one should never assume that the technical support staff at any company is in any way competent.