So I contacted HP support by telephone. The usual for call centres; Indian accents. Thankfully there must have been a procedure to follow regarding problems to do with power. They are sending out a replacement power supply and connector (allow seven working days for delivery) and if that doesn’t solve the problem I am to get back in touch with them, quoting my ticket number. Twenty minutes I was on the phone to them, including at least ten on hold. Good job it was a local rate number and not one of those 0870 numbers.

It could be the problem, but I don’t think so. Here’s hoping that when the power supply arrives I plug it in to find all my problems with the laptop solved.

The computer doesn’t take any power at all now. No matter how many times I plug the power supply in and twist the cable around the little blue light does not come on at all. The last time I had it on it was at 19% and I would be lucky to get half an hour out of it. So I have no main computer until the replacement power supply arrives and I find out if that is the problem or if it is the connection on the actual computer itself – which I hope to God it isn’t. That will mean packing it up and sending it off for repair. Then I have to hope that they now what they’re doing and return the computer in proper working order and hopefully NOT reformat my hard drive.

In preparation for the worst case scenario I backed up as much as I could on my 500Gig external hard drive and de activated Antics. Since I’m on Lightwave 9.5 it’s just a matter of installing that; when I was on Lightwave 8 I had to install the program from the discs I had then three or four updates. All other software on the computer can be re installed quickly. But this is the worst case scenario – and you never know, maybe their technical support know what they are doing and fix only the thing that is wrong with the computer. But I have heard too many horror stories of computer companies doing overkill when repairing machines, losing data etc., not to at least ensure I am taking all the precautions necessary.