I received an email from AOL telling me they are increasing the price of dial up by £4 per month. This puts it at £20 a month and no way am I paying £20 a month for dial up.

So I am forced to look for a new ISP, and I think I will go for broadband. It’s just a matter of going through all the ISPs and all the options.

I’m not on the internet twenty four seven so my connection to it wasn’t that important. Although I have been getting very sick of AOL and their connections speeds recently. I know ISPs throttle broadband connections and I see no reason why they don’t throttle dial ups; probably in an attempt to get people to update to broadband. I spent three or four minutes waiting for this post page to appear, and that, quite frankly, is ridiculous.

A lot of WordPress is text only and it shouldn’t take that long to load a page. I have noticed similar load times when I do banking online. This and the fact that there are a lot of broadband packages are cheaper than the dial up I am paying at the moment. I only keep AOL dial up because my sister has no internet access (and very little inclination to get it) and I let her use one of my screen names so she can go online without incurring any telephone charges. It was possible until recently anyway until there was a change in something which seems to be blocking it. It may be her phone, it may be BT or it may be AOL. Only one screen name can be online at a time with AOL but the location doesn’t matter. This is not true with broadband. (I know because we have AOL broadband at work and they recently wrote us informing that the dial up option from other locations will no longer be available.)

So it’s a trudge through all the web sties and comparisons to find the best option and a rummage through all my accounts to see where I have the AOL email as a contact – then change it.

[And because of the connection WordPress failed to post this post. Luckily the back button and copy and paste sorted it out.]