There seems to be a limited choice for broadband users in the UK.

I’ve done some preliminary work on finding a broadband provider and the options seem to be limited. Not many providers are selling straight broadband; it seems to be broadband plus. Broadband plus TV, broadband plus phone line and calls, broadband plus additional costs. When some are providing free set up and free modem it seems incomprehensible that other charge for such things – yet charge for them they do. So what seem like good deals fall to pieces when you look closer at the small print and discover it’s between twenty and forty pounds for a one off connection fee and twenty pounds and upwards for a modem/router.
They might get Norman Numpty to pay those charges but not me.

Top of the pile at the moment is Madasafish: I already have a dial up account with them and use it to collect mail. I have to use it once within a thirty day period if I want to keep my free Seeing as I only use it on weekends when it is a penny a minute and I’m online for a half hour tops it’s not too much of a burden. Their broadband package is £9.99 for the first six months then it goes up to £14.99 – free set up and router. Even at £14.99 it is still cheaper than the dial up package I have with AOL at the moment.

I only keep AOL because one of my sisters uses a screen name. She is finding it difficult to get online at her home so AOL is becoming less and less of a viable option. I’ve still to give them a call regarding switching from dial up to broadband but I don’t hold out too much hope for that seeing as they are generous to new customers only. Existing customers get a worse deal. (I’ve tried online; looking at their £14.99 option but when I sign in with a screen name that option isn’t available for me to buy: online more expensive packages.)

And a lot of people seem to have caps for broadband usage. Madasafish and their 5GB a month one seems to be suitable for me. As I have mentioned I am not online twenty four seven, but I do have software which requires quite big downloads for upgrades – and Antics have regular releases of content packs.

A few other broadband suppliers came close but they fell down on either requirements (take phone and or TV too) or fees (set up fee router fee). Hopefully I’ll make my decision soon, get the broadband up and running then cancel AOL dial up.