I phoned AOL yesterday to see if I could switch from dial up to broadband. The guy that I spoke to offered me packages more expensive than I am already paying – so I told him that I would more than likely be changing providers.

Speaking to someone this morning he told me that he was on the package I had specifically asked for yesterday and was told by the AOL guy that it wasn’t available to me. So I get on the phone to them again and ask what packages are available.

I must have been on the system as a potential lost customer because surprise surprise I am offered the package I wanted straight away. Bit pissed off that I didn’t get a chance to rant at the guy though.

So now I am on a broadband package with the same supplier and paying less than the dial up package.

No doubt there will be a disruption to the service. I did ask if they dial up would be available until the broadband kicks in but the guy said they would endevour to ensure that it does. No commitment just the standard ‘maybe.’

Now, if only the cable for my HP laptop would turn up.