I should stop spending money.

I found 7digital (at, naturally, 7.digital.com) which sells mp3s without any drm and have been hunting their catalogue. They have songs and albums from all the major labels and quite a few small labels too. They also have independent and unsigned artists. I remember there being a press release recently about how they were the first to have the songs from the big four record labels without any drm.

I’ve never really like itunes. Never trust anyone who wants your credit card details before you’ve made any sort of order.

The good thing is that I’ve been able to download individual tracks rather than whole albums.  Which means spending less money, but some albums (like Horse, the same sky) you just have to buy the whole thing.

I’ve spent about twenty, thirty quid recently just on tracks. Eyes too big for my wallet. I did get some free tracks and they have some really cheap albums, starting from £2.