I have an 8 Gig USB drive from which I run portable programs. It’s a U3 disk.

Today FireFox has decided to go haywire and throw some sort of hissy fit. I Don’t know what the hell happened but when I tried to run FireFox from my usb disk today it started for the first time. All the settings had gone and it was as if it had just been installed. I take back ups of this drive so hopefully I wont have lost too much. A lot of the favourites have gone. So off I go into the backups to see what is there. Initially I restored yesterday’s bookmarks but for some reason, although the file seems complete a lot of the favourites are gone: yesterday’s book marks file seems to be corrupt so I had to go to the day before to get most of them back.

Luckily all my sign ins for web sites and forums etc. were still there after I had restored the bookmarks.  I dread to think having to go through all those again and save the settings. I did have to switch off my computer yesterday but after that Firefox was working ok. I browsed the web and everything.