I got Season Five of The Wire this week. Originally the Season One DVD was an impulse purchase in WH Smith in Kirkcaldy one time I was there. At the time there was some talk about how good it was and the price was reasonable so I thought Why not?

It turned out to be brilliant, as did subsequent seasons, which were also bought on DVD.

Now the fifth and final season is out and I bought it from Amazon. I had originally went to a local ASDA to see if they had it but they didn’t. I remember buying Season Four from Amazon and seeing it about a tenner cheaper when I was in ASDA; so I check ASDA just in case.

It arrives and for some reason the HP Laptop has problems with the DVDs themselves. The drive can whirl and wheeze for five minutes or more before loading it up. Disk Four I had to watch on the other laptop as the HP wouldn’t load it up at all. I think it is the disks themselves; the HP laptop has no problem with any other DVDs, just the new series of The Wire. Other DVDs get popped into the drive and load no problem.

So I will hunt around and see if I can get a drive cleaner; a CD or liquid that cleans drives. There wont be any harm in cleaning the drive – although I’ve only had the laptop around six months, not long enough for the drive to pick up a lot of dirt.

The final season of The Wire is fab. Only ten episodes and a only couple of extra features but all in all a great end to a brilliant series.