I’ve got short stat running on this blog and it’s interesting to look at all the stats now and then. 7000 plus hits since 7 May this year. Not stellar but not bad either. Lightwave 9.5 and Sophocles seem to be the most popular key words; I get the odd Antics 3.1, and one ‘trtm’ from somewhere!

Firefox 2 is the most popular browser at twenty four percent, then Explorer 6. There are a couple of bots then Explorer 7 and Firefox 3.

XP has fifty percent of the platforms with Vista second on thirty seven percent. All the others, including Mac, unix and other versions of windows are in single digit percentages.

There’s a big mix of languages/countries, but they are all on single digits: German, Spanish, French, Belgian, Hungarian, Korean, Russian, Swedish, Japanese. Eighty five percent comes from America, the UK has four percent.