I got broadband from madasafish: they processed everything and sent out a router within a week. (Not only a wireless router but also a free wireless USB adapter; supposedly 5 times faster than 802. But both my laptops have 802 wireless built in so I don’t need it.) Activation of the phone line followed and then I was up and running. Which is when AOL decides to send a letter saying my broadband package with them is “being processed.” Guffaw guffaw guffaw.

So I call their number and tell the guy I want to cancel AOL. The whole thing, to be fair, went smoothly and he gave me a cancellation number. I can still access the screen names for purposes of email and I may just continue to use them. I’ve actually got about a dozen email addresses now; as madasafish insisted I get an  @madasafish email when upgrading from my pay as you go to broadband.