It’s early days but the broadband seems promising. Very fast speeds, no connection problems. I’m not on the net too often, which was why dial up was never gotten rid of before now (that and a family member had access to the net via another screen name) and I don’t watch TV on the net (or at all) or download constantly: so the package I have from Madasafish should be good. And the fact that I’ve got a broadband package cheaper than the dial up package I was using, so I’m saving money.

The good thing about Madasafish is that there is a feature in the account where you can monitor your usage. And I’m surprised at how much data actually gets passed to and fro. The account shows daily usage and on average it’s about thirty to fifty megabytes a day; most of that download. Uploads seem to be minuscule. I personally think that’s quite a lot for the small amount of time I am browsing online. On the laptop I have turned off the automatic downloading of pictures on Internet Explorer and we’ll see if that makes any difference. It’s just an experiment as even on normal browsing I will be under the 5 Gig limit every month.

I wish I could have kept AOL (I still have the screen names as email addresses) but they f*cked it up three times – and they’re out.