So I’ve had broadband for over a week and today discovered that my bandwidth stands at 600MB. If that were averaged my monthly bandwidth usage would be about 2.5 gig. However I should deduct a few things from that. Firstly I went mad on 7digital and bought a whack of songs. I donwnloaded them all as a single zip file (nice option available when you’re on 7digital; I bet igoons doesn’t offer that) and that accounted for about 150MB.

Then there was the fact that I had automatic updates turned off on the main laptop. Not for bandwidth purposes when I was using dialup – although it was a pain updating – but purely for Not Being Pestered By Microsoft purposes. It has been a while since I fully updated the laptop so I did that during the week too. That was 100 MB.

So there’s 250 or so Megabytes to be taken off any total and that will give me a more truer view of my bandwidth usage. But saying that I suppose it will go up and down over the months.