So it’s been just over two weeks with broadband and I’ve just went past 1 gig of bandwidth. (Handy little thing the usage page.) Another big whack of mp3s from 7 digital (Camel, Deep Purple) and an upgrade of Zonealarm which was the fastest download I’ve had so far. Fifty megabytes in just over a minute. The 126mb of songs took a lot longer to download. I guess it’s not just your internet connection, the servers you are hooked up to also contribute. ZoneAlarm’s server is more than twice as fast as anything else.

I’ll also look a little closer at the songs I buy on 7digital as a few of the Deep Purple tracks had DRM on them. Not something I’m a fan of and the DRM isn’t flagged on the web site. Plus they weren’t MP3 files but wma files. And 7digital have a big banner on their site saying “100 percent MP3.” And they’re obviously not.