I made an enquiry recently to Madasafish in respect to my free co dot uk and it being transferred from my old account (dial up) to my new account (broadband) as I was an existing customer who upgraded.

I get a message back asking me to phone them.

Not wanting to spend money on a phone call I write back and ask them what the problem is. Getting things in writing is better than a phone call anyway.

So I get a response telling me that the domain name has been detagged. I haven’t even heard of that before. A few minutes later and the Internet has answered all my questions. Apparently only UK domains can be detagged – which just means it is disassociated from the web site it points to. Various sites and FAQs mention a £15 fee to  ‘re tag.’

No way jose.

I comment on this fee when contacting Madasafish and I’m waiting for them to re attach the domain name to my account. After all, it’s basically only the ISP that can detag a domain name. It’s all a bit of sneaky Rip Off Britaining if you ask me. The fact that it’s only applicable to UK domains shows that other countries were having none of it.