The car is due its MOT soon and it’s booked into a garage on the recommendation of my sister.  She said she had hers done by this guy and it was great, near Cowdenbeath. I phone the guy, get a date for taking it in and he gives me his address and post code and it’s bloody nowhere near Cowdenbeath. Not only that it’s way out in the middle of nowhere. However, arrangements have been made so I don’t need to wander the empty country roads in the vain hope of finding a bus back to civilisation.

I hope it doesn’t cost much for the MOT. I had considered taking it in to the local Council for MOT. They don’t do repairs and so have no interest in getting money from the motorist. So what they say it needed would be what it needed and not what the garage wanted to charge for it. However, I do know it needs certain things done to it and it would be an unnecessary waste to take it to two places.