The detagging has been sorted, everything is okay now. There were some problems with being kicked off the internet over the last week.  Sometimes I would be on for only a minute or so and the computer would report that the network was local only. It was bloody odd. There was a suspect who turned out to be the culprit. I had upgraded ZoneAlarm just before this happened. I switched it off but it still happened. I uninstalled the program and hey presto, no problems since. I found that a bit odd. I’ll continue to monitor the situation but it seems that ZoneAlarm (or at least the newest version of it) was the culprit as there has been nothing but perfect connections since. I’m back with the built in Firewall from Vista at the moment. When I get some time I will look into  alternatives, as I know there are a few out there.

My bandwidth is a little  over 800mb for ten days, which is still well below the 5Gig allocation on a per day basis. But over the weekend I did download a few programs to try out so I expect the usage to go down – or not go up as much – this week.