So the journey to get a replacement car has led me a merry chase so far. A mechanic has said he can get my car through its MOT but I will have problems with the engine within a few months. and the problems are starting to appear already, never mind a few months down the road. It seems I’m having a recurrence of the problem it had at the beginning of the year when it was only running on three cylinders.

I’d made an appointment to go see someone about a car today. When I got there they weren’t happy about me taking it to a mechanic for him to have a look at it; even though this was all discussed last week and had been agreed. My suspicion is money. The guy either wants more or has another buyer willing to pay more. Something he said made me feel it was all about money.

So I’m looking around, and have already called my insurance about the renewal. That in itself was a twenty minute merry go round with me getting passed from pillar to post and back again. Royal Bank of Scotland car insurance might not be getting any money from me either.