I’ve not had much luck with cars in the past few years. I had to scrap a car because it was virtually impossible to get replacement parts. Then some moron smacked into the back of the one I got after that. It wouldn’t have been so bad if the insurance company – the other guys’ insurance company – hadn’t written it off. Then I had to fight the bastards to get a half decent amount of money in compensation for them doing that. I had to threaten them with the small claims court. Even then they bare face lied to me. That was also the last time I wrote (or will write) to my MP, Broon the Goon.

The car I got after that lasted a couple of months. When it went in for its’ MOT I found out it would cost more to fix it than I had payed for it. Then I bought the one I have now. It seemed fine at the time and passed its’ first MOT with only minor fixes needed. But then there was the engine trouble at the beginning of this year, and when I took it for an MOT it had countless minor problems and a lot of rust.

I’ve now bought another car, this time spending considerably more than previously, and with any luck (pfah!) I should get four or five years out of it before it goes belly up. I bought from a dealer this time and got a test drive. It seemed good enough apart from a minor problem which he said he would get fixed. Two lady owners and small mileage. The car itself seems sound, and passed its MOT with no problems. But then again MOTs are not that rigorous a test.

I get delivery tomorrow. My insurance starts midnight tonight on the new car. Another story but I was able to save seventy quid on insurance by going with someone else rather than my present company. Plus I’m getting some money for the car I have now. Not much but enough for me not to grumble.