Touch wood the new car is running like a dream. I still have to get fully used to it, driving, all its’ strange quirks and little noises, but things are looking good at the moment and it looks like a sound investment. It’s bloody good on petrol too. When I got it I put my normal amount of petrol in – it filled the tank up! People say it’s going to be good on mileage too. I gave it a good run last night and all seems well. Very little petrol usage.

I’ve noticed that I’m starting to get spam on this blog now. Luckily I have Akismet working in WordPress and it catches each and every one of them. Most seem to be coming from Russia, (well they have Russian email addresses) and are the usual links for Viagra and the like. Eight today.

So I was tidying up my hard drive, which means deleting from the laptop and archiving to the USB drive, and I came across my software backup. I have taken Zonealarm off my computer as the new version conflicts with my broadband. The new version caused trouble when it was on the computer, and no problems when it was uninstalled. It was the third or fourth thing that I looked at when I was having the problems and I was surprised that it turned out to be Zonealarm. But I thought I had deleted the old version. I do that with Zonealarm as its’ updates are basically the full program. But I saw that I did back up Zonealarm to the USB drive when I initially downloaded and paid for it.  (Actually I paid for another program and got Zonealarm free.) So I have reinstalled the older version and we’ll see how it goes from there. It gave no problems before and I’m not expecting any but you never know.

It’s nearing the end of the month and time to check bandwidth. It’s still way down, well below my limit. I might go on a downloading spree at the weekend. But it is working out more or less the same as last month. Roughly the same amount of days and the bandwidth for both months is pretty close to each other. I expected there to be a big surge at the newness of it all and all the freedom, the big difference between dial up and broadband, and then slowly settle down into a steady pattern. But I guess that I settled into a routine pretty quickly after getting broadband.