The UK interest rate has gone down to 2%. It has been in the media all afternoon. I log onto my online banking as I am a suspicisous git and, low and behold, on the very same day the interest rates have gone down the interest rate on my ISA is cut and it’s now down to 1.02%. My mortgage with the same bank has just received – this month! – the half percent rate cut made in October. I have been assured I will be getting last month’s one and a half percent cut but no doubt that will appear next month at the earliest. The one percent cut announced today I wont see until next year, if at all. The government was supposed to have announced a banking bill yesterday but that looks totally useless. As does the government and all things MP. It really is beyond belief that the country bails out the banks and yet they spit on us at every turn. We should have let them collapse. I know people say the whole economy is so tied in with them but we’re supposed to be an adaptable species aren’t we? We would adapt. We would also be a lot happier with a lot of dead bankers lying around.