With Antics folding to go to pastures new the users (Tony) have created a new forum for us to hang out in, comment on Antics, bitch about the demise of Antics and try and create new content.


It’s already gathered quite a few registrations.

An interesting topic has come up from InfoCentral and I made a reply to it. It’s no secret that I love Antics. It’s a great program. This is the topic and I’ve pasted my two cents worth below if you don’t want to vist:


My response:

We’ll never know what went wrong with Antics, although I believe them when they said poor sales. It’s been on the market for about four years and according to the email there were only 1,000 pro users. The Companies House returns are available online for anyone who wants to buy them and anyone can see how much was invested. Compared to game development they might not have had as much. Games can run up costs of millions (Daikatana anyone?) but how much investment is enough?

As someone who bought version 1 I can say the product has matured greatly. Version one was slow, came in a big red box and cost a lot more than later versions. Two was a massive jump in speed and usability. From then on I think it has steadily improved. It’s not perfect but it’s a damn sight better than anything else I’ve seen.

I think there was fault in the business plan for upgrades. When I bought V1 I was assured of a free upgrade to V2. In the end I got free upgrades right up to V5. I would have been more than happy to pay even a nominal sum for upgrades. But I believe that was a deliberate marketing plan to get the product out there to as many people as possible. I personally don’t think there was a big enough gap between the home edition and the pro edition. It could be that people looked at the product and said (for V3 and 4) what am I getting from the pro edition that I am not getting from the home edition? The answer to which was basically a Max plugin and access to content. For people who don’t own Max it wasn’t enough of an incentive to buy. It’s all ifs and buts now but say the difference between home and pro was the max plugin, more content, an animation creator, character generator and various other tools – would the people who use the home edition have bought the pro edition in more numbers? I think a fair few would have.

Price wise I think Antics was under priced, not overpriced. Again I think it was a wrong decision to continuously drop the price. It may have devalued the product in some people’s eyes, especially when considering purchase. 3DS MAX is one of the most popular 3D programs, how many price drops has it had? The program I use, Lightwave, is ranked about sixth or seventh in a poll run by 3D World and Lightwave has had price cuts. (Having said that the number one app is blender, which is free.)

Everyone on this forum accepts that Antics is gone as a product. What we are trying to do here is increase its’ lifespan and usability by creating more content – or trying to.