I have just signed on to make a final post for the year 2008. I have been on holiday from work and have been enjoying the festive season.

Woolies has totally gone now. I never really went to their shops to see what was available for sale, as I was cuffed by them when they started all this. The big – misleading – posters advertising 50% off, with the words ‘up to’ in small letters, led me to a local shop where nothing was anywhere near 50%. So when they did bring prices down I wasn’t at all interested. But I did find myself near a major shop and dropped in to have a look. I ended up buying Smallville Season 7 for about £18 (about the price it costs from Amazon) even though one of the assistants didn’t seem to want to serve me.

The discs are again causing trouble on the laptop, not loading at all. I have checked and it still loads other DVDs no problem, including the recently bought The Dark Knight. It’s a little confusing how it struggles with some discs and loads others with no complaint at all. My broadband bandwidth for the month was quite low, so in the last few days I have went on a downloading spree, watched you tube videos and even watched the Christmas Dr Who special on the BBC iPlayer. I also downloaded a gigs worth of BVH files for use in Antics. Still under the 5 Gig limit for the month.

Overall it’s been a reasonable year. A bit humdrum. I know the credit crunch and everything has destroyed the Western World but my mortgage has constantly come down with all the interest rate cuts and more money in my pocket always makes me happy. I’ve had car problems, but that’s the norm. I don’t seem to be able to buy a car that can last longer than a couple of years. They all look great then, about a year or so later, die coughing and spluttering while I look on, bewildered.

There was a big shock when Antics decided to stop selling the program, effectively orphaning it for users. Users now have a forum through Tony’s blog, for which I’m grateful. A couple of users seem to be trying very hard to secure an effective character creation process for Antics. I’ve been reading a bit more than normal. Some new Sturgeon short stories I’ve never read before, via the publication of all his short stories: I’m picking them up here and there, finding delights I’d never come across before and re living stories I remember. Ditto Philip Dick. I’ve only read a couple of his mainstream novels and am starting to buy and read the rest. At the moment I am ploughing through ‘Homicide, a year on the killing streets’ by David Simon. I’m a big fan of The Wire and picked up this in a book shop recently. I didn’t realise it was such a large tome.  I haven’t been very productive creatively in 2008 and hope to amend this in 2009.