I cashed in a policy at the end of last year and treated myself to SpeedEdit, the VIdeo Editing program from NewTek. I like NewTek products.

It took me a little while to get used to it –  it’s alike yet not alike to other programs in the same vein such as Premier (I’ve got that, the cut down version, Elements) and Vegas (Got that too) – but there is enough difference in the way that it works that I read through the manual. PDf, printed ‘Getting Started.’

Vegas and Premier were around fifty pounds each. SpeedEdit was more. Sort of mid priced for a video editor. Again I bought it from OneVideo as I have found them to be great with prices and service.

SpeedEdit has a few tricks that make it nifty (Cut to Music) and a few wobbly bits (It doesn’t seem to like wmv files on my system) but it is fast. A lot faster than Vegas at rendering (While editing.) This has to do with background rendering which I noticed as I was reading the manual. With Vegas you load a video on and it can take ages to conform so you can see what you are working with and begin editing. SpeedEdit takes some time but it is quicker.

The big plus is output. There are lots of options available, even options for preparing video for YouTube. Like all NewTek products once you get going it is relatively easy to use.