There was an offer in a UK paper (The Telegraph, an impulse purchase at the shops) this weekend for 50 free downloads. I signed up and promptly ate up 370 megabytes of my bandwidth in a couple of hours. I bet they think I’m a freeloader, having signed up then canceled the 14 day trial a few hours later.  But there was not really any point keeping the trial going when my allocated amount of tracks were used up. Like Amazon they have their own download program and the downloads seemed to be very fast. I’ll need to remember to uninstall it sometime.

It was emusic, a reasonable service but based on a monthly subscription rather than individual purchase price. I’m not really decided on that business model. I got a fourteen day trial but, as I say, I downloaded my allocated 50 tracks within a couple of hours. They don’t have a lot of the major artists; when you search for them you get a message about staying competitive with itunes on price.

Having said that they had albums that I haven’t seen anywhere else (including the incomparably unique Richard Strange) and a very good range of music. I’d definitely buy if there was an option to purchase tracks the way Amazon, 7digital and itunes do. That said my fifty downloads got me three full albums and a variety of tracks from other albums, eleven artists in total. DRM free too.