I bought a couple of books from Amazon, including one from Robert Silverberg. He is one of my favourite writers. I haven’t read anything from him in years though. He’s a prolific author and during the eighties I devoured his work, and some of his books remain among my all time favourites. I’m looking forward to re-aquanting myself with his work.

Lightwave 9.6 was released and I rushed to download and install it only to find out that LWCAD doesn’t work with it. I still have version eight on the computer and it works perfectly with that but I get a dialogue box when launching 9.6 telling me the plugin isn’t written for Windows . Which is a shame as by all accounts 9.6 is a major improvement. I’ve had a brief look through the What’s New Guide but very little with the actual program itself. While online on my NewTek account I also took the chance to download updates for SpeedEdit. Again improvements but the program still doesn’t like wmv files.

And last but not least those 50 free downloads ended up costing me £10.99. Emusic took that from my account on the same day I signed up for the so called fourteen day trial. I’ve sent them emails and they’ve responded that ‘the situation is resolved’ but still no refund on my credit card.