Well the USB hard drive arrived and the laptop’s been ghosted.

Also here is Office 2007, Home edition. I have three licenses for it but I really doubt I will use more than one. By God it’s a terrible interface. And I’ve just kissed goodbye to 300 megabytes of bandwidth to update it.

It’s not the full package; missing is Access, the database. If they’ve destroyed that in the same way they have Word and Excel I actually don’t want to see: I like Access. It’ a good solid relational database.

I’ve never used One Note before. I suppose I’d better have a look around it – to see what it actually is and what it’s for – before judging it. If it’s of any use I might use it, if not – I probably will reclaim some hard disc space.

I really don’t see what was the point of all the changes; the ribbon, lack of menus. It’s hard for people used to the vagaries of software, new users unfamiliar to software would probably just give up. And I wouldn’t blame them. It is an appalling ‘upgrade’ and shame on Microsoft for even considering it would be an advantage to users.

If I can’t pick up or get used to the new interface I might uninstall it and go back to Word 2002.