There was a big spike in visits to this web on the fourth and fifth and I’m pretty sure it was because of Lightwave Core, the announcement for which was on the fourth.

Around 9pm on the fourth I sat at my laptop, wasting bandwidth, waiting on the announcement. It didn’t come. The online web channel through which it was being broadcast seemingly froze over here in Europe. According to the NewTek forums (which I also couldn’t access around that time due to gazillions of others trying to access them at the same time) and the posts made there quite a lot of people, like me, missed the broadcast for technical reasons – i.e it went tits up. And a lot were upset by this.

I posted on another forum that it was a waste of time and a few days later I still have that opinion. The actual announcement itself  –  that Newtek are releasing a new, programmed from the ground up version of Lightwave and we get the privilege of paying for betas – didn’t strike me as all that worthwhile either.

To be fair NewTek have clarified things on the forum but I still don’t think it was worth the hype. Some said that it was like the subscription service offered by Autodesk for 3DS Max but NewTek have clarified that it is optional and not compulsory.

I’m still deciding if it’s worth going for Core or not. I got Lightwave at Version 8 and have upgraded to 9, mainly for the features it offers. And that’s the reason I upgrade software: because of what the upgrade offers. I’m not too happy about upgrading because it’s part of the cycle. I’ll see what further information comes out over the next few weeks and make a decision then.