I signed up to Google Mail so I could follow a blog. I’m pretty glad I did too. I use Keepass to store all my passwords. Email, broadband router, web sites, forums etc. Not that I’m superstitious or anything but signing up to Gmail sent my total email addresses from thirteen to fourteen. I use about three or four of those emails on a regular basis.

I have a website for family matters and it gets spammed a lot on the info at address. Every couple of months I would get a warning email saying the email box was almost full and off I’d go, signing in and deleting spam; which involved the selecting deleting and then purging of the emails. Some of the emails had the co.uk as a return address, and indeed some of them were non deliveries to other email addresses. (I’ve contacted the host about this and the word is nothing can be done.)

So about three or four months ago I get the usual email saying the in box was almost full. But instead of signing in and deleting the emails I just let it go full. I know for a fact that emails get bounced when in boxes are full and it got me to wondering what happens to the emails that get bounced from other addresses back to my info at? Seeing as the spammer has stolen my address and all bounced email gets sent back to my domain so they don’t get inconvenienced it made me wonder if they continually bounce off the full in box? Does the email program reject the email coming in because the box is full and thereby creates a non delivery email which bounces back out to the internet to be slammed back into the full email box again, which starts the process all over again? This may be the Internet equivalent of the tree falling in a forest question.