I recently heard the sad news of the passing of Phillip Jose Farmer, a fantastic science fiction writer. I have a good handful of his books and have enjoyed every one of them – even though some were considered extreme at the time of publication. I also ordered a book due out in September from the American publisher.

I went onto Amazon to look for some more of his books to buy – also some by Harlan Ellison, who seems to have limited publishing in the UK – and also searched for Doc Savage. Phillip Jose Farmer’s ‘biography’ of Doc Savage was the first of his books that I read. I have maybe ten, twenty Doc Savage novels that I bought in the eighties and was looking to get some more: there are around one hundred and eighty of them, and ten or twenty isn’t that much from the whole collection.

They are available on Amazon, but the prices are astronomical. £30, £40 one was even £126. I should make sure I look after the novels I have.