I bought the Home Edition of Office 2007 – which is minus the database – recently from Amazon for £40 on a special offer and installed it on my main laptop.  Then I was decidedly unimpressed with the ‘improvements.’

The package comes with three installations and, having used OneNote, I decided to install it on my second laptop so I can use the new OneNote file I’ve started up.

But this time I did a customised install and elected to keep the version of Word I have on that laptop; Word 2002. I only installed OneNote and Excel, plus some of the tools.

OneNote is pretty good. It still has menus, the lack of which in the new versions of Word and Excel make them almost unusable in my opinion, and can accept documents like a printer; cut and pasting of text and documents is handy. At the moment I’m putting a lot of separate files, text files, Word Documents and even a Works database, into the one location: the OneNote file. For convenience I’m keeping it on my U3 USB drive and not on any hard disk so I can use it on both computers when required.