My local newspaper had a most disturbing front page this week. Apparently the local primary school is the most violent in Scotland. This is disturbing for a number of reasons. Low level crime in this area is already bad; the same newspaper reported a few weeks ago of a spate of car tyres being slashed and wing mirrors being broken. I’m not saying the kids at primary school did this but I have noticed more and more gangs of youths around the area.

And, it’s a primary school. The under twelves. If their behaviour is that bad at that age what will they be like when they become teenagers? Young Adults? Adults?

Of course some parents have already been complaining about it. How it is statistically based, and although there are a lot of assaults against teachers they are being committed by the same pupils: hence the rest of the pupils at the school are being unfairly tarnished.

The head teacher has already been replaced, and hopefully the new head will be able to turn things around if the situation really is that bad.